Published: 16 August 2016 

The Café intends to contest prevailing relationships between humans and the rest of the living planet and dominant discourses about "Natural Capital & Natural Value." The ICE Network will present a broad range of values relating to nature as experienced by different peoples, religions, cultures, and custodians, and the spaces of common ground and shared belief between them. The Café will offer ethical perspectives on human relationships to each other and to the Living Earth, as well as a moral and spiritual examination of globalized economic systems and structures of power and imbalance.

Published: 16 August 2016 

Can the teachings and practices of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam bring about transformation to the world crises such as climate change and environmental degradation? The workshop will provide religious overviews of these crises as well as select examples of religious movements working to overcome the crises. We’re going to share action oriented faith-based models for conservation, sustainability, renewable/alternative energies, justice, and eco-temples, ranging from grassroots level to global

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